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Deadline: September 18, 2023

We are now accepting applications for LAPS FastTrack, the SEIU Local 1000 Job Steward Training Program which will begin this summer, and we invite you to apply to become a Job Steward.
If you are interested in becoming a Job Steward*, please submit your application packet ASAP to

The following steps are required for admission to the program:

  • Complete the Job Steward application, click here.
    Pay careful attention to the questions that ask for your unique perspective, especially regarding the Purpose Statement. SEIU Local 1000 leaders are known for their diverse talents and interests. Use this application to describe who you are, your values and strengths, and what you will bring to the Local. Please give thought to the values expressed in the Purpose Statement and share how they relate to your own values, goals, and passions. The Purpose Statement can be found on our website.
  • Obtain TWO (2) letters of recommendation, written by your coworkers in the office/unit/floor/etc. that you would represent if you became a Job Steward. The letters should outline why these individuals believe you would be successful as a Job Steward. Outside recommendations from family members, supervisors, and state workers not represented by SEIU Local 1000 are not acceptable. Template letters are also not acceptable.
  • Gather TWENTY-FIVE (25) signatures from your coworkers who support you becoming a Job Steward. Use the petition form found here.
    It is helpful (though not necessary) to have a current Job Steward, officer, member leader, or union staff member submit a recommendation on your behalf.

Send your completed application, letters of recommendation, and completed petition to

If you have any questions or need more information, email

*In order to be a Job Steward, you must be a member of SEIU Local 1000. If you are not currently a member, please click here to complete the membership application prior to submitting your Job Steward application packet.


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