African American Committee


African-American Committee

This committee brings African-American union leaders together to spearhead positive community events designed to improve the lives of our members and the communities we live in. The African-American Committee’s signature events include the Leora Hill Scholarship Fund, Dr. Martin Luther King celebratory events across the state, the Annual Thanksgiving Holiday Turkey Give-Away and the Christmas Toy drive among other regionally sponsored events. The committee is responsible for reviewing policies and programs established by the state directly impacting African American members of Local 1000.

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(510) 917-4943

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Join the African-American Committee at an event near you

Fifty years ago, Dr. King called for a “revolution of values,” inviting people who were divided to stand together for social and economic justice. 50 years later, the African-American Committee stands for these same values and will march with members and community leaders in honor of knowledge, dignity and change! Are you in? We welcome everyone and encourage you to invite someone from another race, religion or cultural background to walk with us. Lert’s continue to make history with our annual tradition!


Educational Opportunities are a Union Value!
Apply now for the 2018 Leora Hill Scholarship

Our Local 1000 Purpose Statement provides us with a vision of a better life for all Californians. A foundational component of that vision is a solid education, which is essential to achieving social and economic justice.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Leora Hill Scholarship, an opportunity our union offers to children of our members enrolled in middle school, high school or college.