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that Gets Results.

The purpose of Local 1000 is to have the 
power necessary to give our members—and 
all Californians—the opportunity to have a 
good life, live in sustainable communities 
and enjoy the fruits of social, economic and 
environmental justice. We will achieve this by engaging and developing our members and by creating strategic alliances with key leaders and organizations who share our purpose 
and values.

Join SEIU Local 1000 Today and Enjoy 
the Benefits of Union Membership!

Committed to improving the lives of our members.

Through aggressive bargaining for our contract, fighting for our members at the Capitol, protecting our pensions, developing our members leadership and career mobility opportunities, and so much more. If you have additional questions about our union you can contact our Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.7348. They are available to answer your questions and get you the support you need Monday through Friday from 7am – 7pm.

Member Benefits

There are real advantages to being 
a Local 1000 member. We use our 
union power to provide quality 
benefits and exclusive discounts for 
our members and their families. 
To see all the benefits available under your union-negotiated contract click the button below.

Extra Benefits at Dentalsource

Substantially reduce your 
out-of-pocket dental co-payments 
on all your dental treatment.

Benefits & Discounts

The Added Value of Membership

Discounts and savings that can 
easily add up to more than double 
your monthly dues.

Why Union 
Membership Matters

Without a STRONG UNION, our 
pension, benefits, health care and 
wages are at risk!

Member vs Non-member

Membership means a stronger voice 
for better pay, better benefits, and better working conditions!

Your Member Dues and How they Work

Local 1000 monthly dues support everything our union does, and how 
it benefits you.

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Member Resources

This page contains a number of useful tools you’ll want to access as a state worker and as a member of Local 1000.

Steward Resources

This page contains a number of useful tools you’ll want to access as a state worker and as a member of Local 1000.

Member Representation

The strength of our union is our members, and Local 1000 is committed to improving 
their lives every day. We represent nearly 100,000 state employees, both members and 
non-members alike. Together, our collective voice is heard — continuing the fight to make 
a lasting difference for all working people and their families.


Up to date Policy File, Bylaws, and Ethics Policy documents. 

Local 1000 Policy File

Local 1000 Bylaws

Code of Ethics & Conflict of Interest Policy

Local 1000 
Apprenticeship Programs

Members can explore upward mobility opportunities through our innovative 
apprentice programs.

DLC Resources

Find your District Labor Council (DLC) contact and other important contact information.