Updated as of April 21, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are work chairs allowed to come home with employees while teleworking?

If the employee has a “ergonomic chair”, which is defined as a chair that was provided as part of a reasonable accommodation then yes, the employee can take that chair home for telework.

If an employee does not have a reasonable accommodation but has a particular need or circumstance, they should make the request to their supervisor or management to attempt to get approval, but this is not guaranteed.

2. Is there a meal allowance for employees working overtime?

Yes, per your MOU 12.9.1, 12.9.4, 12.9.14, 12.9.15, eight dollars ($8) may be reimbursed for an overtime meal. An overtime meal allowance of eight dollars ($8) will only be provided when an employee is required to work two (2) hours contiguous to his/her regular work shift of at least eight (8) hours.

This is applicable when employees work two (2) hours either before or after their work shift, and this will be paid via a TEC.​

3. Does EDD have a point of contact if an employee is diagnosed or exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19?

Yes, first inform your supervisor/manager, you may also want to inform a Local 1000 steward or send a brief message via email to your Unit.

4. What are the guidelines for ATO approvals within EDD; is there written guidance on this process?
5. What is the status of telework options for employees within EDD?

Every day, EDD identifies more employees who can telework; employees we didn’t think could telework previously due to security/technological issues are beginning to telework. We are working to get a breakdown by our major branches to show what is approved and what is pending.

6. Is there a general update on teleworking?

The first wave was really focused on employees who self-identified as greater risk and/or had child care issues related to closures. There are still some IT delays, but there is an expectation that more staff will be teleworking. WSB is expecting to have a majority of their staff teleworking, but there will need to be a rotation of staff to come into the office to work the AJCCs.

7. What teleworking equipment can EDD employees use?

EDD employees are using state issued computers only. Part of the hold-up was unlocking the CPUs, and employees are taking home their entire system including monitor if a laptop was not available. But monitors and phones are ordered.

8. What is the guidance for the “800” number vs. the switchboard?

UIB has claimants that are currently calling through the switchboard to file and reopen claims. These inquiries must go through the 800 number as claim filing staff are filing and reopening claims from the 800 number queue. With that being said, clerical staff working the switchboard have to inform the claimant to call the 800 number between 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. All other inquiries go through the switchboard and are transferred to adjustment/appeal staff and managers. If the claimant calls the switchboard between 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. to file/reopen a claim, clerical staff will transfer the call to the 800 number.

9. What PPE is being provided to employees?

Management has provided staff with gloves, liquid disinfectant, as well as paper towels to utilize until disinfectant wipes are received. Disinfectant wipes and masks are currently on back order. Purell hand sanitizers are located on the walls throughout the offices for the staff to use. To reiterate, the line of communication with management is imperative to address these issues in a timely manner.