Member Benefits


Benefits & Discounts
The Added Value of Membership

Members receive more from Local 1000 than powerful job protection: Your union membership entitles you and your family to a number of additional benefits, discounts and savings that can easily add up to more than double your monthly dues. With the purchasing power of 96,000 members, Local 1000 can help you save money with:

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Member Dues
How your dues dollar works for you

SEIU Local 1000 monthly dues support everything our union does. From the negotiation and enforcement of our contract, to political and legislative work, legal action, research, and communications—-your dues are spent solely on union efforts and actions.

Member dues are 1.5% of gross salary and are capped at $90/month. If you have questions about your dues please contact our Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.7348