Bargaining Unit 1 Chair Susan Rodriguez Talks to You – Wednesday on “Straight Talk.”


Join us on our weekly Leadership Zoom Call. No registration necessary.

Bargaining Unit 1—the state employees we represent in the Professional, Administrative, Financial, and Staff Services classifications—is the largest bargaining unit in SEIU Local 1000. Our Bargaining Unit 1 Chair, Susan Rodriguez, will join us Wednesday night to answer your questions.

She’ll be joining our Board Chair Bill Hall on a Zoom call, where represented employees are invited to talk with Union Leadership to ask questions and to learn about important issues.

“Straight Talk” is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, at 6:30 p.m.

If you’d like to take part in this, or any of the weekly Zoom calls, no pre-registration is necessary. Use the link below if you’d like to join the conversation:

If you’d like to watch, you have two options: the call is live (and archived) on the Local 1000 Facebook page. You can also watch the discussion the next day at There you’ll find an archive of past editions of “Straight Talk” covering a range of diverse topics.

We hope you’ll join the conversations that are helping move SEIU Local 1000 forward.