Contract Action Center


Take Action to Win a Good Contract and a Better California

As state employees and SEIU Local 1000 members, we make California work.  We show up every day because we care about our state and the people in it. But understaffing threatens many of the critical services our families and communities depend on. Even worse, tens of thousands of us are struggling to support our own families even as we care for and provide services to California’s families. A new study by UC Berkeley shows that more than a third of state workers do not earn enough to support a family of four even with a working partner who earns the same salary and more than two-thirds do not earn enough to support themselves and a child on their own. 

We can work together to change that right now!

SEIU Local 1000 members will negotiate a new contract with the State to improve our jobs, our communities, and the services we provide our fellow Californians.  It’s important that every state employee is involved and makes our voice heard because no one knows better what our families, neighborhoods, and towns need than we do.  Working together we can win — for ALL of us!  

Bargaining Unit Updates


A Good Contract Starts With These Steps

  1. Purple Up on Wednesdays – wear purple and get your coworkers to join you on Wednesdays.  Share your photos with us at
  2. We just added new Strike School dates! Come to Strike School to learn everything you need to know about our right to strike and how this strategy to win for working people is being utilized by workers across the country.
  3. Become a ROC Star and join more than 500 fellow Local 1000 members who are by volunteering to build the strength we need to win a good contract by keeping your coworkers updated and involved in our contract campaign.
  4. Get a coworker to join our union so we have the strength to win for our families and all of California.