Cost Savings Task Force


Cost Savings Task Force

One of the victories we were proud to secure in our Side Letter negotiations was the creation of a Cost Savings Task Force. This Task Force ensures that our members have the ability to leverage our power in this collaboration to influence the State to implement our recommendations. The ultimate goal is to identify $200 million in savings so that our represented employees will get their next general salary increase in July 2021 as initially negotiated. This amount of money is small in the context of the entire budget, and we are confident that we can demonstrate to the State that the money is there.

Our Task Force is meeting monthly with the State team to collaboratively share ideas and information that foster discussions about a pathway to cost savings. Our first two initial meetings laid valuable groundwork for further collaboration throughout the meetings, which will continue through March 2021.

We have put together a team of eight Local 1000 member leaders from all over the state, representing a variety of departments and bargaining units, to bring the broadest possible perspective to this project. The Cost Savings Task Force is comprised of eight members of the State, including a representative from the Department of Finance.

Our Team consists of:

  • Miguel Cordova, CDE
  • Brenda Modkins, DOJ
  • Tonya Bealey, DMV
  • Mandy Ho, DHCS
  • Thomas Hwang, CDI
  • Jamie Ormond, CPUC
  • Charity Regalado, CDCR
  • Laura Slavec, CDCR

There will be a number of opportunities for our members to get involved and make their voices heard in support of this process between now and our final meeting next March. We will be updating this page with these opportunities as they arise, so make sure to check back to this page regularly.

If you have questions or recommendations for the Team, please email us at

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Local 1000 Activism Leads to Salary Increase

Following a groundbreaking, collaborative effort with the State to identify $200 million in cost savings for the upcoming year, our 2% general salary increase that would have been deferred to 2022 will instead be reinstated and paid in July 2021.

Facing a pandemic-fueled $54 billion deficit one year ago, Governor Newsom called for a 9.23% pay cut for all state workers. Our bargaining team reached an agreement that reduced the pay cut, including postponing OPEB contributions and increasing health care payments, and mitigated it with a Personal Leave Program (PLP).