November 4, 2020


Political Efforts Scorecard

This election represented a watershed moment for our democracy, as voters determined the future of our nation and our state. Local 1000 members were at the forefront of that fight, organizing phone banks, texting voters, and volunteering their time to show that every vote truly matters and demand that every vote be counted in the race for President. Thanks to that hard work, we helped usher Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into the White House.


Meet member Jill Hill, furthering her education and her career in Local 1000’s new Financial Services Apprenticeship

Upward mobility is a union value, and Local 1000 continues to create new and innovative apprenticeship program opportunities for the state employees we represent.

Local 1000 recently launched yet another breakthrough for the professional development of our members—the first public sector financial services (FS) apprenticeship program with concentrations in auditing and accounting.