Telework Works for CA


Telework Works for CA

This is a priority issue for Local 1000 and part of our commitment to providing real representation. Changes in telework impact your working conditions, so when our employer seeks to change working conditions (including telework), they must notice Local 1000 of these changes.

When Local 1000 receives notice of proposed changes, it enables the Union to bargain over those changes to mitigate the impacts. The employer may not change working conditions without considering the impact to workers—and never unilaterally. And that’s where your Union steps in. If your department is implementing RTO and this impacts you and your coworkers, please reach out to your URC Rep, or the MRC, to get an update on your department’s Meet and Confer AND we encourage you to take action below!

1. Download the Virtual Background and share with your department coworkers!

2. Call or email your Director and tell them why Telework works for you.

A template letter for you to use:

Dear ______.

My coworkers and I are very concerned about our agency’s push to “Return to Office.” I’m a SEIU Local 1000 member and work as a (job class) in (department). I love being able to provide important services to the State of CA and I take pride in my work.

We are concerned about return to office because (insert your department specific concern here. Examples are listed below)

  • our department reduced the size of our office and there isn’t space.
  • our parking is no longer safe due to increased crime and unhoused.
  • our department moved during the pandemic shut down.
  • our department is concerned about the increased exposure to illnesses.

Additionally, telework is a valuable recruitment and retention tool for our agency. Telework has increased morale and productivity, and improved our work/life balance. We ask that you support Telework in our agency and say No to RTO.

3. Share your Story

Share your story about why “Telework works for you” here. We will use these stories as we meet with agency directors and elected officials.

4. Join or ask a Coworker to Join SEIU Local 1000.

We have power in numbers! Join our union today.


Get involved in the fight for Telework today!

Can you petition and lobby your Legislator on Why Telework Works for California?

Interested in meeting with your state legislator to share why Teleworks works for you and for California? Join our fight today and fill out our interest form here.

Why does the Telework Stipend Matter?

The State is also proposing to negotiate to remove the state-wide Telework Stipend to “solve” the budget shortfall on the shoulders of state employees. This benefit will not solve current budgetary issues and your Union negotiated this stipend in good faith and did the hard work to incorporate it into you Contract last summer.

This is about protecting our hard-earned Contract!

SEIU Local 1000 must tell the State of CA to respect our Contract. Check out our cease-and-desist letter to CalHR’s Paul Starkey here.