Catastrophic Leave


Catastrophic Leave
Transfer of Leave Credits, Work and Family Program

Article 8.8 of your union contract defines your right to transfer leave credits. Your Local 1000 contract guarantees family medical leave, parental leave or adoption leave.

  • Leave credits can be transferred between family members or to other persons residing in the immediate household who are also state employees.
  • Leave credits can be transferred from one or more employees to another employee for financial hardship due to injury or the prolonged illness of the employee.
  • Leave credits include Compensated Time Off (CTO), personal leave, annual leave, vacation, personal day, and/or holiday credit. Sick leave credits cannot be transferred.
  • Transfers must be approved by the department director or designee and in accordance with departmental policies.
  • Transfer of leave credits are permitted between departments.
  • The receiving employee must have exhausted all leave credits prior to receiving donated leave.

Member in need
Member Name: Tom Krieger

Long-time member, Job Steward, Bargaining Unit 4 Vice Chair, and former Chair of the Local 1000 Veterans Committee Tom Krieger has had to take off work for an extended period to care for a family member who came down with an unexpected, serious illness. He needs catastrophic leave donations right now. Please help our friend and brother.


Members in need
Member Name: Lisa Bocast

Department of Veterans Affairs, Redding

Lisa’s son has been very sick and needs round the clock care for the next few weeks. Lisa is a single mother of 5 and long-time Job Steward. She has helped so many over her many years of service with the State. Let’s help our sister in her time of need now.

Contact your department’s Human Resources Office for more information on how to donate.