CCC closure update, September 30, 2022


CDCR has released more information about the planned closure of the California Correctional Center in Susanville.

Local 1000’s Contract department is working closely with CDCR management to mitigate the effects of closure, and here’s what we’ve learned as of September 28:

  • The closure date for CCC will be June 30, 2023.
  • The department has sent a communication to impacted employees, which has been shared with the bargaining chairs of units with affected employees, and to the DLC president.
  • Local 1000 will be scheduling “meet and confer” meetings to discuss the impacts of closure and to find innovative solutions to retain staff.
  • A detailed timeline for the closure and related activities and opportunities was included in the message. Click here to read and/or download that timeline.
  • The first step is to utilize the Voluntary Transfer Process, and Local 1000 will hold meetings to assist in the process.
  • CDCR aims to mitigate the closure as much as possible by filling existing positions at High Desert State Prison.
  • The CalHR layoff notice will likely be issued in late February.

You can submit questions or concerns about the closure to