From the Desk of Local 1000 Board Chair Bill Hall


I’m pleased to report on a number of positive developments that directly benefit you. Led by our new unified leadership, we’re focused on supporting our mission of building the power we need to win respect and dignity on the job and a strong contract. Here’s a recap of our efforts over the past week:

  • We hope you’ve had the opportunity to join us on Straight Talk, our new Wednesday evening call-in program. The concept is for membership to interact with member and staff leaders.  Next week our guest will be David Jimenez, Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Our Board members and Union member leaders deserve the utmost respect for the time and effort they devote to support our mission. Before our recent governance changes, the recall process was weaponized against a few Board members in an undemocratic and retaliatory way. We’re pleased to report that all of these types of recall efforts for DLC officers were unsuccessful, and as of March 31, there are no recalls pending.
  • We were disappointed that some members were misled into thinking that a wrongful occupation of our headquarters would somehow benefit our represented workers. That is unfortunate. It was a disruption to our focus and our efforts to demonstrate effective representation to gain meaningful improvements to your wages, hours, and working conditions. While we’re pleased that the building occupation was resolved by the court, we’re taking steps to hold appropriate people accountable.
  • Under a unified leadership, we’re reviewing expenditures that were made over the last several months. We will not tolerate the use of union resources to benefit individual personal interests rather than for the intended benefit of our members. We expect all directors and officers to act consistent with their role as a fiduciary and to uphold accountability procedures and oversight mechanisms that the Union’s governing documents put in place to protect the members’ hard-earned dues. 
  • We need to focus on member recruitment.  We currently have assistance from the International for a broad membership drive.  Anica Walls, Vice President for Organizing/Representation, David Jimenez, Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer, Irene Green, Vice President for Bargaining, and myself are working together with the Local 1000 staff to examine membership drive options and prepare for the upcoming contract campaign.
  • We rehired Denye Versher as Chief Financial Officer.
  • And we rejoined the SEIU State Council and the SEIU One Voice Process by a unanimous vote of the State Council Board of Directors.

Thank you for your support,






William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000