Actuary classifications use the power of Labor Management Committee to advance

Article published on February 17, 2023

SEIU Local 1000 members working in six different Actuary classifications have won an important milestone in their efforts to achieve pay parity. The win—a recommendation for additional pay incentives for credentialing, performance, and merit—comes after two years of effort made by members and staff, negotiating with the State in a series of Joint Labor Management Committee (JLMC) meetings.

In a side letter in our 2020 contract, the State agreed to explore the Actuary classifications in the interest of greater pay parity. Two years later, the JLMC issued a joint report that lays a foundation to address the issues in our upcoming bargaining with the State.

The Actuary Task Force responsible for this win includes Susan Rodriguez, Chair, Bargaining Unit 01; Stuart Bennett, District Bargaining Unit Representative, Unit 01, Actuary Senior, CalPERS; Julian Robinson, Actuary Senior, CalPERS; David Clement, Actuary Senior, CalPERS; and Matt Fisher, SEIU Local 1000 Contract Staff.

Labor Management Committees are a powerful tool granted us by our contract. We refer to them most frequently as JLMCs, and they’re regularly used to solve issues at the worksite level, classification level, even on statewide issues. JLMCs can be requested by either party (State or Local 1000) and can address workloads, productivity, and more Click here to read more about JLMCs in our contract.