The Benefits of Membership in Local 1000 Begin with the Power to Win a Good Contract

Article Published on August 5, 2022

Membership is key to winning a good contract, and when we go to the bargaining table it’s vital to have a membership roster that’s as large as possible. The higher our membership percentage, the stronger the message we send to State negotiators that we’re “all in” for a good contract that values our contribution to California.

When you’re a member of Local 1000, you enjoy real representation, contract enforcement, and the protection of your hard-earned rights. You have a voice in the future of your union, you can vote for local and statewide union leadership, and you can vote “yes” or “no” to ratify the contracts negotiated on your behalf.

But the most important benefit of your individual membership is that along with tens of thousands of other members, you work to project power to the State and to fight for the contract you deserve.

“Stronger Together” isn’t just a slogan

In less than one year, the working conditions, wages and benefits of Local 1000 employees will be governed by a new contract—our current contract expires on June 30, 2023—and preparations are already underway by our bargaining teams to build negotiating strength.

That negotiating strength comes from you. This is where power in numbers makes a difference.

“With only 53% membership, the State can treat us any way they want,” said Board Chair Bill Hall.  Through an aggressive membership campaign, Local 1000 is targeting 64% membership by March, 2023, when formal negotiations are likely to begin.

You can make a difference.  Our power to make change, to improve our pay, our benefits and our working conditions comes from your membership.

Not a member? Want to win a better contract? Click here to join Local 1000 today.