Board Chair Bill Hall advocates for worker raises in our next contract

Article Published on July 15, 2022

We’re currently putting things in place for bargaining that break from our historical way of negotiating with the State. We’re doing the legwork to make sure we generate leverage ahead of schedule. With an accelerated timeline and improved membership numbers, we can go into contract negotiations with a stronger position.

We know that things are going to change in the economy over the next eight months.

So, we’re not setting a target number for a raise today. Instead, we’re listening to our member’s demands. Our membership determines what we’ll ask for by participating in bargaining through surveys and through discussions with Union reps and DLC leaders. Our members’ struggle with inflation is real, and beating that number, whatever that means in eight months, is our focus.

The State has made the political decision that state workers are not important and underfunds their compensation. In addition, because benefit and infrastructure costs are even more expensive to the State, they cut corners at every level to magnify their savings.

The most important tool we have to make these cost cuttings prohibitive is to show the State that Local 1000 is drawing a line in the sand. When I was 42, I was dead broke. I had a lot of work experience, so I looked to state work. I knew that it was my best opportunity to have a decent retirement in an economy increasingly focused on short term spending and few benefits. However, the State thinks that because they provide any benefits, they can offer starvation wages. That’s unacceptable.

The State maintains the position that it wants to deal with homelessness and housing insecurity. Meanwhile, it forces its own employees to live paycheck to paycheck, ignoring the reality of the state they govern. This creates a cycle of spending without solving the problem.

Your union leadership sees this as an existential problem, and we hope you’ll join us in working to solve it. By becoming a member, signing up as a Steward, talking with DLC leadership about campaigns in your area, and participating in our upcoming bargaining surveys, your involvement helps us to build the strength we need to deliver a better contract.

Program Note: On Wednesday, July 20, Bill Hall will speak with VP of Bargaining Irene Green, and Contract Director Brooke Pierman. They’ll share the latest news about contract negotiations and take questions from our represented members. No registration is necessary.

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