Board of Directors meet to move Local 1000 forward

Article Published on July 28, 2023

Our SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors (BOD) held a meeting July 22-23, 2023, to continue their work in governing our Union during the fight for our contract. The 65-member board is elected to represent our wide geographic range and diverse classifications, comprising 51 District Labor Council (DLC) Presidents, 10 Bargaining Unit Chairs, and 4 Statewide Officers.

Our most pressing concern remains the progress, or lack thereof, in bargaining. Vice President for Bargaining Irene Green gave a report to the Board to summarize the status of current negotiations with the State. While some progress is being made on other issues, we are deeply frustrated with the State’s economic proposals.

To support the work of our bargaining teams and our membership, Vice President for Organizing/Representation Anica Walls gave an update about the activities we have taken across California in support of bargaining. The Board is committed to supporting membership activities and driving recruitment to our Union and our fight. In addition, the Board received an update on steward calls and activities. Our Executive Director on loan from the international, Nina Schulman, gave an update on membership data and recruitment efforts this year

In addition, our auditor from Calibre, CPA, Art Budich, gave a report on the completion of the audit report for 2022, which provided a clean report for the Union’s finances. Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer David Jimenez and Controller Chris Brackett provided the Board with updated financial information, including a report on financial transactions for 2023 and the percentage of expenses compared to budgeted amounts.

Finally, the Committee on the Future (CoF), a body of nearly two dozen elected member leaders, presented their recommendations to the Board. Their report highlighted important changes we can adopt to achieve the COF’s mission to ensure our represented employees and the business of our Union are managed thoughtfully, carefully, and democratically.

Several important votes were held that will help guide our Union’s future work, brought in part by the CoF report:

  • Election Committee Appointments, motion passed
    • Language to be changed in policy 12.1.06 from “president” to “chair”
  • Approval of Executive Director, motion passed
    • Executive director position to be created
  • Approval of Electronic Voting, motion passed
    • Amend policy in division 12.0.01 to permit electronic voting
  • Approval of ranked-choice voting, motion passed
    • Amend policy in division 12.1.01 to permit ranked choice voting

Our primary goal, of winning our contract, and providing all state workers with safe workplaces, reasonable pay, and good benefits, will never change. Our fight with the State will be a long one. By developing our democratically elected leadership structure, we will be able to ensure that we lead in a manner that is appropriate and accountable, from statewide officers down to workplace job stewards.

We’re fighting for our future, both at the bargaining table and within the democratic structures of our Union. And we are thankful to those of you who are joining the fight to ensure that state workers get what they need and deserve.