CalPERS: Using the power of our pension dollars for a sustainable future

Article Published on January 6, 2023

One of the key benefits of state employment is our defined-benefit pension, which is managed by the California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS). It’s the nation’s largest public pension fund and manages both our health and retirement benefits.

CalPERS uses the power of its assets responsibly to effect positive change across many sectors of society, including climate change and environmental sustainability. In one example, they’ve joined with some 700 investors—representing $68 trillion in assets—to improve climate change governance and reduce emissions.

At the same time, CalPERS invests your pension dollars wisely to reduce adverse effects of climate change on the value of its portfolio. In a rapidly-changing natural world, businesses large and small can be negatively affected by climate change, and minimizing climate risk is a priority.

Even the CalPERS headquarters in Sacramento, at Lincoln Plaza, is a testament to the organizations’ commitment to a better, more sustainable environment. The PERS complex has achieved the highest green building certification and that saves money, improves efficiency, and creates a healthier place for CalPERS employees to work.

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