Connect with Local 1000 Leaders Every Wednesday on “Straight Talk.”
What’s on your mind? Share your ideas, your comments, your questions … live.

Article Published june 24, 2022

Every Wednesday, hundreds of SEIU Local 1000-represented employees are joining a lively conversation with Local 1000 leadership. They’re getting current news, and learning about important issues and opportunities at the Union.

On Wednesday, June 29, Bargaining Unit 21 Chair Bobby Roy will join Board Chair Bill Hall.

Interested in telework, Essential Worker Premium Pay, contract negotiations? Join us on Wednesday nights!

If you’d like to take part in the weekly Zoom call, no pre-registration is necessary. Use the following link to join the conversation:

If you’d like to watch, you have two options: the call is live (and archived) on the Local 1000 Facebook page. You can also watch the discussion the next day at There, you’ll find an archive of past editions of “Straight Talk” covering a range of diverse topics.

We hope you’ll join the conversations that are helping move Local 1000 forward.