District Labor Council Tour Continues – New Members Signing Up at Every Stop!

Article Published on september 2, 2022

We’re visiting worksites across the state to meet with represented workers and build a stronger Local 1000 by building our membership numbers to impact the upcoming 2023 contract negotiations.

“We’re re-energizing this union to do the work needed to strengthen Local 1000,” said Board Chair Bill Hall. “That starts with generating the leverage we need to begin negotiations in a stronger position, and that begins with generating more members.”

During this membership tour, we’re listening to the concerns of our represented employees. This week, that meant going “behind the wire” at San Quentin State Prison to talk with case record analysts, nursing staff, and cooks.

We also visited the State offices in Oakland, and at the Stoneridge Mall DMV in Pleasanton to speak about pay, personal security, staffing and workload. In just one example of how our jobs are changing, our members were training the public to use computer terminals to initiate their interaction with DMV. Automation is here, and state workers are leading the way in familiarizing the public with new technology and encouraging usage.

At Napa State Hospital, we spoke with Unit 1 Personnel Specialists and Unit 4 Office Assistants and Office Technicians and discussed reclassification, the tools we can use to enforce our contract, and our relationship with CalHR and department leaders.

Bargaining begins next year. We can win the pay and benefits we deserve with a stronger membership.

“With only 53% membership, the State can treat us any way they want,” said Hall, who with his fellow statewide leaders has launched a campaign targeting 64% membership by March, 2023, when formal negotiations are likely to begin.

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Check here to see the schedule for this week’s events and check online to see updates of our tour on TwitterFacebook , and Instagram.

For questions and concerns, please contact our Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348).