Environmental Committee Plans Earth Day Celebration

Article Published on April 14, 2023

Earth Day 2023 will be celebrated in Sacramento by the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS), sponsored in part by SEIU Local 1000. Our Environmental Committee is committed to bringing union values to the environmental movement, giving members a way to get involved in fighting for stronger ecological and environmental protections.

“As I got more involved as a union representative and job steward, I was drawn to this group,” says Environmental Committee Chair Edvard Isaacs. “I became chair in late 2021 and am committed to making California a leader on environmental issues.” The committee’s main work for the last year has been on developing recycling initiatives for workplaces and Local 1000 events, which have become especially important with the State’s orders to return to the office. “It was very challenging to relocate out of the office, working events with guests who may not be comfortable with Zoom,” said Isaacs. “Member engagement was lower as well, and it was a challenge to coordinate in ways that it had never been before in the workplace. Fortunately, we’ve been able to draw concerned members to Earth Day and other events. It’s very important that we stand together in bargaining and fight for stronger protections.”

The Sacramento Earth Day Festival will be held by ECOS at Southside Park on April 23, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. “We have 10-12 member-volunteer at the event to help discuss our union values with guests, leading to a lot of interesting conversations,” said Isaacs. “With low COVID case numbers, we’re expecting the event to be a lot more feasible now than 6-8 months ago.”

To learn more about the Earth Day Festival, click here to read about the event at the ECOS website. www.ecosacramento.net/sacearthday/

For those who can’t attend, SEIU International’s Climate, Jobs, and Justice Summit 2023 will be tomorrow morning. “I’m excited that our union is invested,” said Isaacs. “It’s very important that we keep in mind that pollution, water quality, and climate change will change the communities we live and work in.” Years of devastating fires and the ongoing issues of mudslides and floods has impacted virtually every single person in California. “We all live in places where these issues are relevant.”

Joining SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry and Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz for SEIU’s third annual Summit will be experts on climate and environmental justice. Additionally, leaders will share info on SEIU’s national climate program, as members from locals across the country network and learn how to fight for environmental justice continues across the country.

To register for the Climate, Jobs, and Justice Summit, click here. www.seiu1000.org/event/2023-climate-jobs-and-justice-summit-virtual