Let’s step up and support Starbucks workers fighting for a union

Article published on September 30, 2022

We believe in economic and social justice for all. We believe working families have a right to a fair wage and a dignified retirement. Across the nation, there are those who don’t enjoy the union protections we do and are fighting for representation.

Starbucks is giving the world a classic example of why we’re demanding the rules be rewritten so workers who want a union can have one.

They’re firing workers who dare to speak out, sending high level executives to intimidate workers, hiring non-union supporters to sway union elections, and just closing some stores altogether.

But in store after store nationwide, Starbucks workers are filing for union elections way faster than the corporation can union bust.

Let’s join the fight – send a message to Starbucks management!

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Tell Starbucks:  There’s no stopping Starbucks workers nationwide from joining the #UnionsForAll movement. Stop silencing them, reinstate the brave workers you fired, and stop the dirty games!