Local 1000 Lavender Committee Shows their Colors at Long Beach Pride

Article Published on July 22, 2022

Our Local 1000 Purpose Statement inspires us to make a better life for our members and for all Californians—and that includes building stronger communities.

Through the efforts of our nine Human Rights Committees and our community campaigns, together we’re building a stronger state where true equality is a reality. Just one example of how we’re doing so happened recently during Pride Month in southern California.

Members of the Local 1000 Lavender Committee joined in the Long Beach Pride celebration alongside our friends at SEIU-UHW (United Healthcare Workers).

Click here to read about the 39th annual Long Beach Pride in the Long Beach Tribune.

Jared Reece is a VP/Chief Steward in Sacramento’s DLC 784, and a member of our Lavender Committee. Here’s an excerpt from the article featuring Jared.

“Pride is so important. If we don’t stand up and actually appreciate the rights that we earned and that people before us have fought for, we can lose them,” said Jared Reece, a member of Service Employees International Union, which advocates for the fair and equal treatment of healthcare workers. “Especially the way this country is going.” Reese said he has attended Long Beach Pride before, but that this year had an undeniable energy to it, whether it’s from post-pandemic excitement or the state of the country.”

Reece and his fellow Lavender Committee members has built alliances with a number of SEIU locals, along with other community groups, to strengthen the demand for acceptance and equality.

“I want to say again how much myself and the Committee appreciate the opportunity to advocate for our members and their way of life in California Prides,” said Reece. “Our Community, much like recent decisions on Women’s Rights, is coming under attack and it is going to take a reawakening to push back the radical right-wing agenda. Our literal way of life depends on it.”

The Lavender–Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Labor–(LGBTL) Committee is responsible for reviewing policies and programs established by the State directly impacting LGBTL members of SEIU Local 1000. This Committee also monitors state programs and policies relating to affirmative action; civil and human rights laws and legislation; community concerns and issues important to LGBTL members; and policies and programs impacting LGBTL members. The Lavender Committee also helps improve communication between LGBTL members within Local 1000.

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