Local 1000 Member finds personal and professional growth from Apprentice program.

Article published on september 16, 2022

Stacie Irvin refers to herself as a Union member, “first and foremost,” and her membership in SEIU Local 1000 has paid a huge dividend in her life and in her career.

She’s a graduate of Local 1000’s first-ever Financial Services apprenticeship, just one of the upward mobility opportunities offered by the Union. We also offer programs in nursing and information technology.

“I didn’t have a degree, despite having earned a lot of college credits,” said Stacie. “This program allowed me to complete my training—on the job, while being paid—and now, I’m just months away from completing my yearlong probation in a new classification.”

Stacie has nine years of state service under her belt, spent largely at EDD. She’s been a member and Union supporter “since the beginning.” She works in Sacramento in tax compliance, helping employers adjust their tax returns.

She’s working in a job she loves, and with the help of Local 1000’s Apprentice Program, she’s got a pathway to a great future. And, while the on-the-job training was important, the “subjective” side of the Apprentice program was equally important.

“Being a part of a group, all working to improve themselves, was a priceless experience,” says Stacie Irvin. “We came from different backgrounds, yet it was the Apprentice program that helped us bridge the gap to success.”

“The most important thing was that our road map was all laid out, and Local 1000’s staff was helping us every step of the way. I couldn’t have done this myself; I wanted to grow, but I was navigating blind.”

“I trusted the process because the Union was involved, and they did everything they could to ensure we wouldn’t fail.”

Stacie was a single mom from SoCal who came to Sacramento alone. “Now, I have lifelong friends because of this apprenticeship,” she says,

“This has been a great experience, personally and professionally,” says Stacie. “I can’t thank the union enough for providing the opportunity, the support, and the comfort I needed to succeed.”

Local 1000 Apprenticeships couple on-the-job training with related study and instruction in order to increase workers’ skills and allow them to be more competitive in the job market. At the same time, workers continue to receive income, avoiding financial barriers that otherwise would prevent them from attaining education and new skills.

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