Local 1000 Reflects as Pride Day—June 28— Approaches

Article published on June 23, 2023

SEIU Local 1000’s Lavender Committee has stood in partnership with other SEIU locals and our International Lavender Caucus this month. At Pride Events from Long Beach to San Francisco, Sacramento to Oakland, and at other locations across the state, we are raising awareness and engaging with communities to fight the rising tide of political violence against the LGBTQ community.

2023 has seen more anti-LGBTQ legislation than in previous years, as right-wing political machines work against a vulnerable community. As much as we as a country have made real progress to defend the rights we’ve all fought so hard to win, we are all still struggling against this violence and persecution.

As part of our commitment to defending LGBTQ rights, the Local 1000 Lavender Committee has been promoting Pride at Work, a bridge between LGBTQ groups and unions to talk about issues and needs of workers in their community, seeking to deepen the relationship between these groups and to develop organizing strategies for members.

We hope that the work of labor unions across California can provide support to the broader movements for social justice. Next week, on Pride Day, June 28, we stand in solidarity with all those fighting for the rights of LGBTQ in California and across this country.