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Article Published on June 23, 2023

This week, we’re sharing thoughtful reads from a range of sources that help us understand the issues and ideas that shape our Union world.

Across the country, state workers are suffering from the same issues as California state workers. Low pay, attrition, and vacancies are impacting working families as they grapple with rising costs of living. But the impacts don’t end with the workers but with the people who depend on the services they provide. From Maine to California, services that the public relies on are degraded by these policy choices, costing lives.

SEIU Local 1000 wasn’t the only union fighting for our contract in LA this week. Hundreds of union hotel workers from Unite Here Local 11 stood together demanding an end to poverty wages, while a separate demonstration blocked traffic near the Los Angeles International Airport for several hours and led to the 190 arrests, including Los Angeles City Councilmembers Hugo Soto-Martínez and Nithya Raman.

Union and community activists rallied at the State Capitol in Sacramento with the California Coalition for Worker Power to support Senate Bill 497, which would establish legal protections that will defend workers from retaliation in the workplace.