Unit 20 LVNs form work group to improve working conditions and relationships


Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) in Bargaining Unit 20 have formed a work group (the LVN Workgroup) to create a more positive environment in the workplace where LVNs feel valued for their skills as well as appreciated and rewarded for the work they do.

The LVN Workgroup is working to organize and engage as many LVN leaders as possible. The goals of the campaign are to create a work environment where LVNs feel appreciated, rewarded, and valued for the skills they possess as a nurse.  

LVN Workgroup members will be distributing information to their fellow nurses around the state, empowering them with the tools to protect their license. 

Additional activities – rolled out in phases – are planned for the next few months. To get more information contact an LVN Workgroup member leader in your area.