This week’s Recommended Reads offer insight on how unions are becoming stronger

Article published on november 18, 2022

Our world is an ever-evolving landscape; changes in the world occur on a daily basis that have a direct impact on our work, our families, and our communities. It’s never been more important to stay informed, but between work and family responsibilities, it’s not always easy to do.

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Do Today’s Unions Have a Fighting Chance Against Corporate America?

For the workers who haven’t joined the Great Resignation, this moment has inspired a new wave of organizing — and a brutal pushback.

Read this New York Times story about how grass-roots union activity is thriving.

Can Unions Still Transform the Workplace?

Young workers, women, and people of color are combining digital innovation with old-school face-to-face organizing to build a new labor movement.

Unions are enjoying a 60-year high in popularity and support. Read about it in Yes Magazine.