Women’s Empowerment Committee Invests in Member Health

Article published on june 9, 2023

The Women’s Empowerment Committee has led the fight for the issues that impact women at all levels of state service. As we fight for the rights of workers on the job, Tracie Kimbrough, chair of the Committee, is finding ways to bring women together to develop their careers, find respect in the workplace, and find opportunities to connect and relax during an arduous campaign.

Starting June 17 at 10:00 a.m., and continuing every Saturday, the Women’s Empowerment Committee will host a private online yoga class for members. It will begin with 10 minutes of mindful meditation and then move into a yoga stretch suitable for all ability levels. Classes will rotate between live and recorded instruction.

“The Women’s Empowerment Committee visited all the town halls,” said Kimbrough, “because we wanted to meet members from across the state and give members a way to represent their union and to highlight the issues our committee focuses on in their workplace. We want to purple up – and pink up – everyone’s office.”

We can have a better life when we work together and focus on our ideals and goals. Right now, we need the State to respect us, protect us and pay us.

“These goals have always been the Women’s Empowerment Committee motto,” said Kimbrough. “We need respect in the workplace, not bullying and pressure that keeps women out of leadership. We need protection for things as basic as our bodily autonomy. Financial security and the pay gap experienced by women needs to be addressed by paying fairly.”

Our members’ needs guide the work of the union in everything we do, and while we must fight for our contract, it’s important for workers to be able to find time to relax. Members made this clear at our town halls, where they spoke with the Women’s Empowerment Committee about their ideas to offer a new program.

“The yoga stretch was the most popular idea brought in by members at the town halls as a way to decompress from the work week. With an aging workforce that tends to be more sedentary, it’s an easy and accessible activity, something everyone can participate in at different levels of ability.”

The fight with the State for a good contract is going to go right down to the wire. We’re going to have to push to get what we need, and the visibility of union members in the workplace is crucial for that. To help, the committee has been giving away many T-shirts and talking with our coworkers

Additionally, the fourth Lunafest Film Festival, the signature event of the Women’s Empowerment Committee, will be returning later this year. Please feel free to reach out to the Women’s Empowerment Committee for more information at seiu1000wec@seiu1000.org