Working families win big in California elections
SEIU-endorsed candidates prevail in more than 80% of races


Working families were the real winners in last week’s election. The grassroots organizing effort of hundreds of Local 1000 volunteers overcame record-low voter turnout–and the millions of dollars spent by wealthy interests­–to elect a long slate of lawmakers who share our values and will fight for the middle class.

More than 80 percent of SEIU-endorsed candidates won or retained their offices, with wins in all eight statewide races, including the re-election of Gov. Jerry Brown, John Chiang as our new state Treasurer and Alex Padilla as our Secretary of State.

Candidates in key races bolstered by Local 1000’s volunteer army were also winners: Betty Yee (State Controller) and Kevin McCarty (Assembly District 7) are strong supporters of middle-class working families. Each has a vision that respects the contribution of state workers while looking forward to stronger communities and brighter prospects for our economy. In southern California, Connie Leyva, a candidate who came from the California Labor Federation, won election in Assembly District 20.

“We can be proud of the work we did talking with voters about California’s future. Our efforts to get out the vote paid real dividends, and this success reminds us that the commitment and hard work of many organized members can overcome the dollars of the rich few,” said Yvonne R. Walker, Local 1000 president.

Members led our campaign

This year’s election efforts–which included tens of thousands of phone calls and door knocks–were led by a dedicated group of Member Political Organizers. Nearly a dozen state workers took time off from their jobs to work full time managing hundreds of volunteers and thousands of phone-banking and precinct-walking shifts.

In communities as far-ranging as Blythe, Hanford, Susanville and Redding, members spent nights and weekends educating and engaging voters about our endorsed candidates and issues of importance to state workers and their families.

“In the 2012 elections, and again last week, our members demonstrated that grassroots voter efforts can speak louder than billionaires who use their bank accounts to buy political influence,” said President Walker.