August 31, 2021


Local 1000 Rallies to Enforce our Contract and Protect our Union and our Represented Employees in Lassen County

The California Correctional Center (CCC), which Governor Gavin Newsom plans to close as of June 30, 2022, employs 235 union represented employees. All 235 have been shut out from discussions since the State failed to meet and confer with SEIU Local 1000 regarding the planned closure. To make matters worse, the State also refused to provide Local 1000 with 30 days’ notice prior to signing off on state worker vaccination mandates.


Coup Being Waged at SEIU Local 1000

SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown ran on a platform of bringing transparency to our labor union and he is delivering on that promise. However, for many of the old-guard Board of Directors (BOD), this is a direct threat to their ability to operate in secrecy that must be stopped at any cost.

Before that can happen, there are a couple things our represented members need to know about how your union operates. The governing body, or BOD, have 65 voting members that consists of: