Making progress toward a solution at EDD
11:21 AM - March 26, 2014

Blog post

Local 1000 Vice President for Bargaining Margarita Maldonado was at the Capitol on March 11 to testify in support of the Brown administration’s plan to address unacceptable backlogs for unemployment benefits at California’s Employment Development Department (EDD).
Local 1000 members have seen firsthand the tragic impact that failures stemming from a troubled computer system upgrade have had on out-of-work Californians; members have pressed EDD and the legislature to come to the aid of the millions who rely on their services.
“California needs to deliver for the families and communities that rely on our members on the front lines of public service,” Maldonado told the Assembly Budget Subcommittee. “We applaud the state for committing to working toward a solution.”
EDD has already begun to move forward with the governor’s plan to hire 280 new customer service employees immediately, retain hundreds of additional interim staff and continue authorizing overtime pay. The February 7 directive from the governor’s office also included implementing improvements to EDD’s phone system and failed computer system upgrade.
he Assembly Budget Subcommittee hearing was convened to begin the discussion on the necessary funding and legislative oversight on improvements to EDD’s performance. Final legislative approval of the administration’s plan is likely to occur after the release of the governor’s May budget revise.
“We firmly believe that the administration of the Unemployment Insurance Program will not be fixed unless the department makes the appropriate investment in its most important resource: the front line staff who provide this vital service. ” said Maldonado. “We look forward to working with the secretary, the department and legislature and being partners in the solution.”