Last week was again busy as we continue the work needed to deliver a strong contract for Local 1000 in 2023.

  • I met with Vice Presidents David Jimenez and Anica Walls to continue working on communications for Local 1000 Leadership.  I also reached out to the SEIU International Bold Center to get leadership coaching for myself and the three Vice Presidents as an additional tool. Your leadership team is committed to doing the work that is required to ensure our Union continues to be relevant and successful.
  • We held a Directors meeting on Tuesday to share the work we are doing throughout the organization to help ensure that all departments have the resources to collaborate effectively to enhance member recruitment as we prepare for the coming Contract campaign.
  • We spent considerable time refining our Bargaining Plan including an half-day planning meeting in Oakland.  The process is moving forward with our Contract Staff and member bargaining team. A successful contract requires detailed preparation and planning, but without our members, no plan will be successful. That’s why we continue to focus on increasing member strength, training new leaders, and building power in the worksites.
  • Due to the extensive amount of work surrounding the election, membership recruitment, the upcoming holidays, and contract bargaining, the Wednesday, October 19 show was the last Straight Talk program for the remainder of 2022.  We plan to resume at the end of January 2023. In the interim, I look forward to all of the conversations I plan to have with our impacted members and to addressing all issues as they are brought to our attention.
  • Staff and members continue preparing for our upcoming Board Meeting on October 29.  At this meeting, I will be presenting a work plan, timeline, and method for choosing a Committee to the Board that will review and make suggestions on modifications to the Local’s governance model.
  • With two weeks remaining until the November 8 election, our Union has many opportunities to participate in precinct walking, texting, and phone banking.  There are also many opportunities to work on Election Day as well.  As you all know, politics play a critical role in helping us select who the decision makers are at the bargaining table. I find participation in all work around Election Day very rewarding and hope you will join me.

    As we look forward to 2023 and our new contract…

    • All of us must continue to do everything we can to build membership.
    • We must act with a sense of unity and commitment of purpose to effectively enable Local 1000 to demonstrate our power.

Thank you for your support,




William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000