Our members often ask me “What’s the Union doing for the new contract?” My answer is always the same: What are you willing to do to win a good contract?”

The State consistently reminds us that there’s a budget deficit and that any financial improvements will be extremely difficult. I say, there is always money. It is simply how our political leaders choose to allocate it. One thing is clear: if we do not unite and fight, we will be left behind again.

Bargaining begins soon, and we’re all interested in a salary increase, in better working conditions, expanded health care, and a secure, dignified retirement. But unless we all stand together, we won’t get anything close to what we want. We are all “the Union” and there are already many who are doing their part:

  1. Our Bargaining Team is finalizing the proposals we’ll present to the State, based on the input of thousands of members who attended Town Halls and completed bargaining surveys. Member political organizers continue to build relationships with the lawmakers who affect so many parts of our lives at work, at home, and in our communities. By telling our stories, they’re reinforcing the value of the vital services we provide that make California run every day.
  2. Members across the state are purpling up on Wednesdays, supporting our Bargaining Team and demanding that the state Respect Us, Protect Us, and Pay Us.

We’re off to a good start, but we need to do more. Don’t wait for “the Union” to bring you a contract. Take action, and make it “our Union” and “our contract.” Here’s what you can do:

  1. Become a member of Local 1000. A strong membership demonstrates Union strength at the bargaining table. 55% of the 96,000 state workers we represent are members.  We need to increase that percentage and send a strong message that we won’t accept crumbs from the state! Become a member today.
  2. Take action in your workplace. Join your co-workers and purple up on Wednesdays and plan to participate in public events as bargaining gets underway. Join in the effort to show strength in every worksite across the state.
  3. Become a ROC Star – A Team Leader for our Regional Organizing Committee

Our ROC Stars are building strength in the worksite to turn out support and build unity for our Bargaining Team. Already, nearly 700 members have signed up, and our target is 1000 ROC Stars. Join the effort as a team leader by signing up here.

We are hard-working state employees and we’ve done our part serving the State. We helped during a budget crisis by taking a pay cut at the beginning of the pandemic but have yet to be made whole despite revenue improvements.

It’s time for the State to Respect Us, Protect Us, and Pay Us. We can win a good contract when we all stand together. I encourage you to take action today and make it “our Union.”





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000