This week, our bargaining team presented the State with proposals for a 30% pay raise and 100% paid health care premiums. It’s a bold ask, and it comes from the input our members gave us at town halls and in bargaining surveys.

Now, it’s up to you to demonstrate your resolve to win a contract that reflects your priorities. Purple up, show the State we stand together, and support our bargaining team. Make yourself seen and your voice heard.

Other union-represented workers across California and our nation are winning contract improvements. Teachers at the Los Angeles school district just received 21%, and shortly before that, Los Angeles school workers won a huge contract after a three-day strike. Both unions won with a high percentage of membership and a willingness to act together. We can achieve better results if our non-members join Local 1000 and if everyone stands together. Actions actually do speak louder than words.

Unions are enjoying their highest popularity in 50 years. Starbucks, Amazon, and fast-food workers fight to unionize, and recently Starbucks counted its 300th store to win union representation…right here in Sacramento at 7th and K streets!    

Local 1000 is on the move, growing our membership weekly. We’re out in your worksites, talking with members and nonmembers, improving apprenticeship opportunities, representing members in contract and disciplinary disputes with our employer and, of course, we’re at the bargaining table as well.

At the Local 1000 Board of Directors meeting in March, directors approved building maintenance work on the two of the headquarters buildings Local 1000 owns—1807 R Street and 1808 14th Street. Contractors and proposals have been reviewed, contracts have been signed, and the work is now in progress.





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000