When does our contract become a law?

Senate Bill 148 (State employment: State Bargaining Units: agreements: compensation and benefits) was signed by Governor Newsom and chaptered by the Secretary of State on Sept. 13th.

What happens next?

CalHR will issue a Pay Letter to the State Controller’s Office (SCO) notifying the SCO about the changes to the California State Civil Service Pay Scales.

When will we see changes to my paycheck?

This is dependent on the State Controller’s Office. Possibly November or December.

Do we get back pay?

Yes. The General Salary Increase (GSI) and Special Salary Adjustments (SSA) are retroactive to July 1, 2023. You should receive this pay in November or December 2023 but this is dependent on the State Controller’s Office.

When does the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) reduction take effect?

The 0.5% reduction — lowering the OPEB contribution from 3.5% to 3% — takes effect the first pay period following ratification. The reduction should be seen on our November paycheck.

When does the $165 health care premium contribution take effect?

The State’s additional $165 contribution to employee’s health care costs will take effect in December 2023. Click here to determine what your healthcare cost will be in 2024 with this additional contribution.