July 2, 2021


From the Desk of Richard Louis Brown: My Promise to You

Today SEIU Local 1000 begins a new chapter for financial justice and a new non-political direction in our labor union. The policies that fostered an environment of apathetic state employees have grown stale and no longer serve our best interests. External strategies designed to make us stronger together have become too costly, too antiquated, and too prohibitive to the formation of a cohesive labor organization.

Beginning today, we chart a new course that is inclusive of all represented state employees. Starting today, we begin the process to strengthen and grow our union. Beginning today, we will enforce our collective bargaining contract and I will never approve of any side letter agreements.

Our strength comes from our collective labor and not from our political/ social justice divisions. Beginning today, we cease to be recognized as a political organization and instead, we exercise our constitutional right of assembly. Today we become a labor union!

Beginning today, former job stewards who want to be reinstated can be. I have signed numerous letters notifying state agencies of their new onsite job stewards. Any activist state employee who wants to become a steward can become one.

Over the coming months we will be eliminating or revamping programs that do not serve our interests. Our Union will become the model for the rest of the country on what it means to be a labor organization. We will become stronger, more agile, and better equipped to represent the 96,000 SEIU Local 1000 employees.

The recent Board of Director’s meetings have exposed many in this Union’s leadership to be mired in identity wars and clinging to the status quo. Instead of initiating the work they were elected to do, some would rather point fingers at the incoming President as the source of the problem. I will not be detoured or devoured by these distractions. The past is behind us and continuing to cling to those policies will not move this union forward.

This labor organization is in desperate need of fresh ideas and innovative decisions. When we engage our represented employees, we become stronger. When state employees become engaged with their union, we become stronger. By shining light into the dark, we will help all represented employees understand how our union operates. With this new strength and participation comes a greater perceived value.

More open lines of communication are required to meet these goals so, beginning today, we will broadcast and record all future Board of Director’s meetings. Channel 1000 Television will be brought back. Furthermore, we will be informing all our membership through our soon-to-be revamped newsletter, emails, and text messages.

This is an exciting time for our Union. SEIU Local 1000 state employees are talented and have much to offer. I hope that you will join with me in helping to remake our labor organization into the model union I have always known it could be.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Richard Louis Brown
SEIU Local 1000