June 10, 2022

Article Published on June 10, 2022

Our Fight is Underway for Essential Worker Premium Pay

Our SEIU Local 1000 team met with the State on June 9, 2022, to bargain over the critical subject of Essential Worker Premium Pay (EWPP).  Our team included the nine Bargaining Unit Chairs, all three Vice Presidents, the Board Chair, and staff from the Contract Department. The State brought representatives from CalHR, CDCR, CCHCS, DSH, DDS, and CalVet. 

The State opened the discussion by passing a proposal that would provide a one-time $1500 “Health Care Retention Payment” to a narrow group of full-time state employees who met the following eligibility criteria:

Article Published on June 10, 2022

Celebrating the Essential Medical Workers of Local 1000

In May we celebrated National Nurses Month and our appreciation for those who make an unparalleled impact in the health care system and in the lives of their patients.

But there’s a much deeper story to the medical professionals in Bargaining Units 17 and 20—the Registered Nurses, the Registered Dental Assistants, the Licensed Vocational Nurses—among others—who not only provide quality care, but do their jobs every day at great personal risk.

Article PUBLISHED ON JUNE 10, 2022

Connect with Local 1000 Leaders Every Wednesday on “Straight Talk.”

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Every Wednesday, hundreds of SEIU Local 1000-represented employees are joining a lively conversation with Local 1000 leadership. They’re getting current news and learning about important issues and opportunities at the Union.

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“Straight Talk” is hosted by Board Chair Bill Hall, who is often joined by our statewide vice presidents, by Local 1000 staff, and guests.

Article PUBLISHED ON JUNE 10, 2022

Stewards lead the way doing real representation

When our members find themselves facing conflict in the workplace over contract language, their first line of defense is their Job Steward. Across the state, hundreds of SEIU Local 1000 members have stepped up to act in the role of advocate for their coworkers, receiving regular and thorough training in our contract and the codes and regulations that protect our rights and working conditions.