LVN-to-RN Apprenticeship Program

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) to Registered Nursing (RN) Apprenticeship

In 2017, Local 1000 worked to launch the very first LVN-to-RN civil service apprenticeship program in the country, offering upward mobility to Unit 20 healthcare workers at California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS). Since then, we have continued to grow our program by partnering with San Joaquin Delta College, Sacramento City College, and Riverside City College. With the support of grant funding secured by Local 1000’s research department along with supplemental funding from SEIU HCAP, Local 1000 has registered over 75 apprentices in these apprenticeships. The majority of the apprentices are now working as Registered Nurses at CCHCS.

Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Details

LVNs admitted to these apprenticeship programs retain their permanent positions while in the program. LVNs gain the requisite RN skills and competencies through a combination of classroom theory, clinical experience, and on-the-job training. This program prepares individuals to function fully and effectively as RNs working for CCHCS under the complete care model. Our contract language provides time off without loss of pay (“20/20 time”) for apprentices to participate in classes and clinicals. Many of the costs associated with participation in these apprenticeship programs are covered by grant funding.

LVN-to-RN Preapprenticeship Expansion

Local 1000, in partnership with CCHCS, is excited to build on past training efforts by announcing a new pre-apprenticeship program beginning in fall 2023.  With coursework offered through San Joaquin Delta College, Sacramento City College, and Riverside City College, this program is intended to support LVNs who are pursuing the LVN-to-RN apprenticeship program but need assistance to complete core science prerequisites.  Preapprentices will have their tuition waived as they continue to complete the requirements on their pathway to becoming a Registered Nurse.

Below are some helpful links to provide you with information for our various LVN to RN programs, as well as information about how to apply.

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