May 6, 2022


Bargaining for a General Salary Increase: The Key is a Strong Membership

One of the key points we’ll be negotiating over when we return to the table next year is the General Salary Increase (GSI).

We don’t want to give away too much of the specifics of what will happen at the negotiating table since we need to keep those strategies confidential, but we are focusing on ways to build momentum and power to make the State seriously consider the demands of state workers. 


The Week in Review: A message from Board Chair Bill Hall

  • I recently began conversations with our Legal Department around sharing member / non-member information with DLC presidents, chairs, and staff.  Board member consideration will be requested going forward on the possible expansion to chief stewards and job stewards. Our IT Department has been included as well. I am working to get our Board of Directors the tools they have been requesting to ensure they have what they need to increase membership and protect your information.

May 6-12, 2022

National Nurses Week honors nurses everywhere during the week of May 6 to May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. National Nurses Week encourages organizations across the country to celebrate the dedication, Commitment, and outstanding contributions nurses make to healthcare every day. Whether they provide care on the frontlines of battle or in an operating room, clinic, or nursing home, they have been professionally trained to provide excellent care.


Bargaining Unit 1 Prison Industry Authority workers win big pay differential arbitration

When CalHR refused to approve a pay differential meant for Bargaining Unit 1 workers supervising inmates working in prisons, Local 1000 fought back.

Our contract contains hundreds of articles that govern our wages, benefits, and working conditions; in this case, Article 11.22, Institutional Worker Supervision Pay allows for a $325 pay differential for each pay period when certain qualifying circumstances are met.


Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Each May, we pay tribute to the generations of Asian American and Pacific Islanders who have enriched our nation’s history and are instrumental in its future success.

Among the many remarkable women who were on the frontlines of the struggle for social and economic justice in the labor movement is May Chen—a contemporary leader who retired just a decade ago.


Statewide Bargaining Team Meeting Next Week: Contract Negotiations on the Horizon

Local 1000’s contract campaign is a member-driven process from start to finish. Our member-elected bargaining representatives negotiate over our wages, benefits and working conditions – and to protect the hard-earned rights we achieved in previous contract battles.

Our current contract expires June 30 of next year, and work is already underway to formulate bargaining strategies and plan and organize support in the workplace to support the negotiating process.