Below is a recap of our efforts over the past week to implement initiatives that serve you:

Building Membership

Below is a recap of our efforts over the past week to implement initiatives that serve you:

Building Membership

  • We are working on a number of fronts as we continue to prioritize building membership at Local 1000. I met with our IT and Data Services group last week to see how they’re moving data availability for membership growth forward. Those teams are currently developing data access tools for field testing that will provide our organizers and member-leaders the information they need. 
  • We continue to work closely with SEIU International as we focus in on new member outreach and recruitment. Several International personnel have been working with us over the past months and have proven to be valuable assets concerning membership growth strategy and project planning.
  • We have trained six additional URC Reps to help facilitate NEOs. We are currently working with communications to revamp our NEO materials and hope to train up all of our remaining URC reps soon with these new materials. We are also focusing on expanding the number of NEOs we are conducting and bringing more departments into compliance with AB119.
  • We will continue to reach out to you on a regular basis to ensure the concerns and issues that are impacting Local 1000 represented workers are heard. I had six informative phone conversations with members last week and look forward to continuing these conversations in the future.

Organizational Structure and Board Training

  • On March 5, 2022, the Board of Directors adopted a number of changes and updates to the Bylaws and Policy File. As an update to the regular Board training, both the Parliamentarian and Legal Department are working on a new training guide for the Board members to ensure that everyone has a solid foundation to work from as they continue to lead and unify Local 1000. It will cover Bylaws updates to roles and responsibilities of the Board, the officers and the chair of the Board, and Policy File updates to meetings, disciplinary hearings, and more.
  • As the Board continues to function transparently by livestreaming our meetings, we want to ensure that all Board members conduct themselves civilly and respectfully, especially when our viewpoints differ. With this in mind, our Parliamentarian will conduct an additional training to ensure that Board members can effectively utilize the structure and due process provided by Roberts Rules of Order, which applies to our meeting process.

2023 Contract Campaign

  • Our Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee (SBAC) will be meeting this Saturday, May 14, and Sunday May 15, to receive collective bargaining training and meet with their respective bargaining units to begin planning for negotiations with the State in 2023.

Political and Legislative Engagement

  • In order to win for our members, we must build internal and external partnerships. One of the most impactful partnerships we have is with the house of labor. As such, SEIU Local 1000 has recommitted to building strong partnerships with our labor allies at both the state level (CA Federation of Labor) and the local level (Central Labor Councils). This work is being led by our Government Affairs Coordinator and Local 1000’s political and legislative teams.
  • Last Friday I met with our Government Affairs Coordinator and Local 1000’s Statewide Vice Presidents. Together, we authorized a Committee on Professional Expenditures (COPE) budget for the June primary season. This ensures that we have effective input on the offices that matter to you.

Local 1000 Infrastructure

  • Local 1000’s one story building in Sacramento is in need of extensive maintenance, repair, and repurposing.  Currently used minimally, we are exploring the best options for this building going forward and will provide updates on this issue as they develop to ensure that the Union’s resources are secure.

Board Matters

  • The dates of June 11, 12, and 13 have been confirmed for the June Board meeting.
  • The Local 1000 Accounting Department is currently developing a cost analysis on in- person board meetings.





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000