NextGen Committee


NextGen Committee

We are committed to engage, activate, and educate new hires to state service and connect them to our union, Local 1000. By doing so, we gain the collective power to change our worksites, our civic institutions, and our regional economic plans. 

NextGen Committee Purpose Statement:
To serve as a voice for the needs and concerns of the next generation of leaders so that they are heard, represented, and valued throughout their leadership.  In addition, to serve as a vehicle for collecting valuable ideas, soliciting input, increasing involvement, and enhancing communication with the future leaders of SEIU 1000 and the collective membership.

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Financial Wellness to Financial Empowerment


  • The NextGen Human Rights Committee will continue our member engagement by creating a union presence that provides valuable financial education that is normally not accessible. We want to empower our members so that they can have the knowledge and resources to have sustainable personal and professional careers. By engaging and empowering our members, we want to build a stronger union.