• The NextGen Human Rights Committee will continue our member engagement by creating a union presence that provides valuable financial education that is normally not accessible. We want to empower our members so that they can have the knowledge and resources to have sustainable personal and professional careers. By engaging and empowering our members, we want to build a stronger union.


  • Turnout thirty five members
  • Educate and empower members about ways to be financially educated and provide them the tools to do so
  • Inoculate members about the union and how we are able to have meetings such as this one
  • Identify three to five potential leaders for follow up
    • We will be following up with attendees to get their feedback of the event and if they’d like to attend a follow up meeting to get more involved


Date:             Thursday, April 29, 2021
Time:             6:00pm – 7:30pm
Location:      Register here 

Turnout Plan:

  • Outreach to leaders, members and coworkers at worksites, worksite meetings, DLC meetings and other union events.
    • Create digital and physical flyers to disperse at union meetings or events.
    • Assign our leaders to turnout
    • Follow up with previous attendees for turnout
  • Social Media
    • Communications request for post on our social media accounts. 
    • Ask the other committees to share on their social media accounts.
    • Reach out to Communications and MRC for event RSVPs
    • Zoom and zoom registration link request.


  • 10 NextGen T-shirts
    • We want to provide a NextGen T-shirt for members who attended the previous meeting and for members who attend our follow up meeting.
  • 50 NextGen Pens
    • We want to appreciate our members for attending by sending them a NextGen Pen


  • Facilitators
  • Chat Moderators
  • Host to let participants in
  • Slide Clicker


  • Why we are here
    • We want all our members to be Strong Employees of the State and Strong Members of our community.  It starts with empowering ourselves and making sure that we are educated and prepared to tackle the world and that we have sustainable personal and professional careers.  Today we want to talk about Financial Wellness and what it takes to be Financially Empowered.  We’ve invited some guest from The Financial Empowerment Center to talk to us about exactly that.  But before I introduce Kirt Lewis, we want to start with an Ice Breaker.
  • Icebreaker
    • For this Icebreaker, we are going to call on a few random folks.  If your name gets called, please pick an item in your room that represents you and share what that item is.
    • (After about 5-7 people share)
  • We are now going to go into breakout rooms.  In your breakout rooms, the group will decide which item they’d take if they had to survive on a deserted island.
    • (Spend 5-10 minutes in breakouts, and have groups share when they return from breakout)
    • Thank you everyone for sharing.  We’ll now pass it over to Kirt from the Financial Empowerment Center.

FEC Presentations

  • Budgeting
    • Summarize the purpose of a budget
    • Compare various types of budgets
    • Develop a plan for spending
    • Design your own budget with your financial goals reflected

      (Ask audience if they have any questions.Ask audience to reflect on what they’ve just heard.What did they find valuable?)

  • Let’s Talk CREDIT
    • What is Credit?
    • Consumer Reports
    • Credit Reporting Agencies
    • How Long Do Items Remain?
    • Credit Reporting Errors
    • Identity Theft Enablers
    • How your Credit Score Affects You

      (Ask audience if they have any questions.Ask audience to reflect on what they’ve just heard.What did they learn that they didn’t know before?)

  • Credit Score Matters
    • Key Scoring Factors
    • How it affects you
    • Credit Score Comparison
    • Best Practices for Strong Credit Scores
    • Your 2021 Credit Action Plan

      (Ask audience if they have any questions.)

  • Summary and Reflection
    • Thank you FEC for those amazing presentations. Are there any questions that folks have for our guests?
    • We want to ask you if you found the information valuable and share why. 
    • Do you think this information could be valuable to one of your coworkers? If so, help us reach out to them!
    • Feedback

      Poll Question on what financial topic interests them.

  • Current Resources
    • FEC Contact Information and Resources
    • Stimulus Bills
    • Final Questions