2015-2016 DJJ Academic Calendar Finalized
2015-2016 academic calendar available


The academic calendar for Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) teachers has been released.  The calendar is for the academic year that starts August 1, 2015. 

To see and download next year’s academic calendar, click here.

Your bargaining team included stewards Yolanda Shepard, Pamm Handel and John Kern. We thank you for responding to our requests so we could negotiate a calendar suitable to the needs of most DJJ educators.   This is an example of the union being your collective voice and bringing about improved workplace conditions. 

Our contract requires proposed academic calendars to be provided to SEIU 1000 by November 15 of the previous year.  The union, in accordance with the wishes of the membership, then determines whether or not to negotiate for changes.  This year, the proposed calendar was provided two weeks late, with several features unacceptable to DJJ teachers.   After surveying you, the DJJ faculty, your team expressed your preferences to management and adjustments were made.  The resulting calendar is better than one that management or the union, working separately, could have created. 

If you didn’t receive an email from Pamm Handel or Yolanda Shepard during the calendar negotiations, be sure to let them know you’d like to receive future union related emails.  We strive to be the voice of as many members as possible when representing you to management. 

The next proposed academic calendar is due out on November 15, 2015 so be sure to get your suggestions to your representatives as the next school year begins.  SEIU Local 1000 will be conducting elections soon, so some officers and district bargaining unit representatives may change as of July 1, 2015.  If you are a steward, please consider running for a union office and help strengthen the union team.   

If you haven’t yet joined your union, please take a moment to do so now.  We are truly stronger together. You can download a SEIU Local 1000 membership application, here

Thank you for your support and participation,

— Pamm Handel, Yolanda Sheperd, John Kern and the entire Unit 3 Bargaining Advisory Committee