LVN to RN Apprenticeship


SEIU Local 1000’s Research Department successfully secured a third grant that extended the LVN-to-RN apprenticeship program to Riverside City College (RCC), therein making our LVN-to-RN apprenticeship programs statewide offerings. This program is similar to the San Joaquin Delta College program and Sacramento City College apprenticeships, but is also intended to offer education through distance learning. Presently, the LVN-to-RN apprenticeships are limited to LVNs working at CCHCS, but we hope to expand in the future.

LVNs admitted to these apprenticeship programs retain their permanent positions while in the program. LVNs gain the requisite RN skills and competencies through a combination of classroom theory, clinical experience, and on-the-job training. This program prepares individuals to function fully and effectively as RNs working for CCHCS under the complete care model. Our contract language provides time off without loss of pay (“20/20 time”) for apprentices to participate in classes and clinicals. Many of the costs associated with participation in these apprenticeship programs are covered by the grant.

Below are some helpful links to provide you with information for our various LVN-to-RN apprenticeship programs, as well as information about how to apply.

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