SBAC Leaders say, “I Choose My Union”


At our July 22 SBAC meeting, leaders reaffirmed their choice to stand united against outside threats to our wages, retirement, communities and union. 

SBAC is our 200-member Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee.

We’re choosing to stand strong against corporations and billionaires who are bringing their deceptive “right to work” attacks to California in an effort to create even more wealth for themselves by dividing our union, cutting our benefits and driving down our wages.

In other “right to work” states, workers have lost the right to negotiate their wages, benefits and working conditions. In Wisconsin, for example, state employees saw an immediate 24% cut in benefits and have only received a total wage increase of 2% since 2010.

Don’t let this happen to our families. Make the choice to stay united. To learn more, contact your steward or call the MRC at 866.471.SEIU (7348).