UNIT 11 Members Encouraged to Re-Examine, Reconsider And RE-Vote ‘YES’ to RATIFY


By the thinnest of margins—literally, dozens of votes—Unit 11 members voted ‘no’ in our ratification vote, plunging the financial future of all 2,800 represented employees in Unit 11 into doubt and uncertainty. 

“This ‘no’ vote will have a very real impact,” said Yvonne R. Walker, Local 1000 president. “These employees, and others in Unit 11, stand to lose between 18% and 21% in wage increases from this contract,” Walker added. “Unless we achieve ratification from the unit, none of our hard-won contract benefits will go in effect for Unit 11 on Jan. 2.”

Next steps include a second opportunity for Unit 11 members to vote again for ratification, which lasts through October 12. If that fails, Unit 11 returns to the bargaining table with an uncertain timeline and no guarantee of an outcome that improves on the tentative agreement we reached.