November 18, 2021


HFENs Continue to Fight for the Safety of All Californians at November Joint Labor Management Committee Meeting

The health and safety of every patient in California depends on the work of Health Facilities Evaluator Nurses (HFENs). While they have been working non-stop to ensure that health facilities follow State and Federal laws to protect the public, they have also been fighting for their own rights in the workplace. This struggle for safe workplaces and fair processes has been especially hard recently, as the pandemic and recovery efforts have created new challenges in health facilities across the state.


Governor Newsom Signs Bills Focused on Native Americans

On California Native American Day, Governor Gavin Newsom signed six bills focused on Native people. The six bills were introduced by Assembly Member James Ramos. The bills are wide ranging, from creating a new monument honoring local Native tribes on the grounds of the State Capitol to further aid to tribal foster youth, to a paid holiday for State Court employees on California Native American Day, student’s rights to wear tribal regalia in graduation ceremonies, and better access to emergency response vehicles on tribal lands.


The Bee in Democracy

I’d like to profoundly thank the Sacramento Bee Editorial Board for finding the time to comment on my attempts to rein in political partisan/social justice spending in what was a mostly inflammatory and hyperbole-filled November 8, 2021, editorial.

Now it’s my turn to clearly and comprehensively set the record straight. As the Bee stated, I am the duly-elected president of SEIU Local 1000, and I am creating a new culture of excellence for the largest public sector union in California. Per the SEIU Local 1000 Policy File and Bylaws, the meeting of some of our Board members that occurred in October to strip me of my powers and sanctimoniously elect a “chair” was unsanctioned, out of order, and therefore clearly meaningless.