2021 Telework Bargaining Update


Local 1000 and the State are currently meeting to bargain over the implementation of a Statewide Telework Policy that would apply to all Local 1000 represented employees. The bargaining timeline below outlines our meeting dates. The State has made little movement from its initial position, so we remain substantially apart on several key bargaining demands, including the telework stipend. 

For the first time in labor negotiations history, the State must commit the necessary resources to invest in ALL of our represented employees. We have repeatedly in good faith told the State there needs to be a MAJOR breakthrough on a deep investment in enforceable telework policies. If we all stick together and do our part, we’ll win a rewarding and substantial side-letter agreement. But because our current contract does not fully address the complexities of a permanent and equitable telework agreement, we need everyone to join.

Please review the Bargaining Summary below and provide our bargaining team with feedback by taking the short survey. 

Bargaining Team Members

Richard Louis Brown – President
Irene Green – Vice President for Bargaining
Anica Walls – Vice President for Organizing and Representation
David Jimenez – Vice President /Secretary-Treasurer
Susan Rodriguez – Chair, Bargaining Unit 1
Terry Hibbard – Chair, Bargaining Unit 3
Karen Jefferies – Chair, Bargaining Unit 4
Brad Willis – Chair, Bargaining Unit 11
Edward Page – Chair, Bargaining Unit 14
Eric Murray – BUNC, Bargaining Unit 15
Vanessa Seastrong – BUNC, Bargaining Unit 17
Karen Franklin – Chair, Bargaining Unit 20
Bobby Dalton – Represented Employee at DGS 
Bobby Dutta – Represented Employee at CDPH

Bargaining Timeline                        

September 11, 2020

Union receives official notice of Statewide Telework Policy. You may view a copy of the Statewide Telework Policy here.

October 14, 2021

First telework bargaining session. Union passes first proposal; State passes first counterproposal.

October 15, 2021 

Second telework bargaining session. Union passes second counterproposal.

October 26, 2021

Third telework bargaining session. State passes second counterproposal; Union passes third counterproposal.

November 9, 2021

Fourth telework bargaining session. State passes “conceptual” proposal; Union makes decision to survey members.

Bargaining Summary

Local 1000 and the State remain substantially apart on two key bargaining issues:

  • The telework stipend amount
  • The telework stipend eligibility criteria


Under the State’s initial proposal, eligibility for the telework stipend would be determined based on whether you are Remote Centered or Office Centered.

  • Remote Centered – for a teleworker who works 50 percent or more of their time from an alternate work location. (Teleworker utilizes a dedicated work station at home and shared work space in the office.)
  • Office Centered – for a teleworker who works more than 50 percent of their time from the office. (Teleworker utilizes a dedicated work station at the office and their own equipment or department-provided mobile equipment at home.)

Under the Union’s proposal, no distinction would be made between Remote or Office Centered employees because we believe ALL employees should be treated equally and thereby receive the same stipend amount. The Union’s current proposal would allow all employees to receive the same telework stipend if they have an approved telework agreement on file with their department regardless of the amount of time spent teleworking.

Telework Stipend

Bargaining Date State Proposal Union Proposal
October 14, 2021

$50 – Remote Centered

$25 – Office Centered

$150 for all
October 15, 2021

$50 – Remote Centered

$25 – Office Centered

$100 for all
October 26, 2021

$50 – Remote Centered

$25 – Office Centered

$100 for all
November 9, 2021

$50 – Remote Centered

$25 – Office Centered

$100 for all

As the table shows, our current Union proposal is $100 per month for a telework stipend for all. The State has remained steadfast and has never changed their initial monetary proposal of $50 per month for Remote Centered employees and $25 per month for Office Centered employees.     

Notably, the State has indicated that normal tax withholdings would be taken from any telework stipend regardless of the amount agreed upon in a separate check.

The State indicated it would be open to the concept of paying a single stipend amount to all teleworking employees (effectively eliminating the Remote and Office Centered distinctions). However, the single stipend amount would be closer to $25 for everyone.

Several other state employee bargaining units have already reached an agreement with the State regarding telework.  You may view those agreements here

What’s Next?

If SEIU Local 1000 and the State are unable to reach an agreement, it is possible an impasse will be declared. Although we may go to mediation, the State would be within its rights to implement its last, best, and final offer especially since we are still under a current contract till June 30, 2023.  At this time, that offer is $50 per month for Remote Centered employees and $25 per month for Office Centered employees, which does not respect our service during this pandemic.

Please keep in mind that the stipend cannot currently be paid until an agreement is reached, and there is a possibility that it will not be retroactive. This may provide some incentive for reaching an agreement sooner rather than later.

Any side-letter agreement reached can be renegotiated when we enter full contract bargaining in 2023.

Telework Survey

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