2024 Leadership Elections
Candidates for Statewide Office

Listed in Ballot Matrix Order

SEIU 1000 President

Jared Reece

Full Name: Jared Reece
Nominee Position: SEIU Local 1000 President
Contact info: reece.jared@gmail.com
Leadership should be held by someone who effectively inspires and unites all, regardless of background or bipartisan affiliation. Someone who can conduct themselves in a professional manner and help facilitate relationships with our State Government. I have been a Steward for almost 8 years holding a variety of positions (including DLC President) while also working as an ITS1 for the State Controller. We have an opportunity to capitalize on our collective experiences as long as we unite. I ask for your vote, faith and opportunity to bring fresh air to Local 1000. If you want something different, elect someone different.

William “Bill” Hall

Full Name: William “Bill” Hall
Nominee Position: SEIU Local 1000 President
Contact info: billhall95688@gmail.com
I am running for Local 1000 President. As your board chair for the past 22 months and with 24 years of experience as a union steward, I am extremely qualified.  If elected I will continue the work to build a more aggressive organization that will win for us.  Continue to build and engage membership.  I will lead our members in the ongoing fight against workplace bullying.  I will protect our pensions and continue to improve healthcare benefits.  I respectfully ask for your support and vote.  Please support and vote for likeminded leaders Danielle Fiore (Storey) and the members4members 2024 team.

Troy Phillips

Full Name: Troy Phillips
Nominee Position: SEIU Local 1000 President
Contact info: troyrphillips88@gmail.com or Cell:  +1(916) 667- 2447 
As union president, I am dedicated to promoting transparency, advocating for fair treatment, and amplifying our members’ voices through strong representation, fostering a more inclusive and empowered workforce.

Anica Walls

Full Name: Anica Walls
Nominee Position: SEIU Local 1000 President
Contact info: Askanicaanddavid@gmail.com or Cell: 510-912-4284 

Social justice activist, CDSS employee and UC graduate; Elected VP in 2018. I fight for consistent communication and member development; fight to enforce your rights in the workplace; and in 2023 your only statewide officer to get arrested during bargaining; forcing the state back to the table. When elected we will fight for permanent telework, greater access to healthcare and higher wages. I will not tolerate pay discrimination, bad contracts, hostile work environments, or bad bosses. I will flex our union muscle to protect and expand union jobs by whatever means necessary. Hasta la victoria siempre. Sama sama tayo!

Irene Green

Full Name: Irene Green
Nominee Position: SEIU Local 1000 President
Contact info: voteirenegreen@gmail.com Cell: +1(510) 557- 9895

With all my heart, I believe in this union, our work to be stronger, united—effective. Throughout the state I’ve had the privilege of listening to your stories as we fight for better pay and working conditions. I’ve felt your passion, pain and relentless spirit through successes and setbacks. That spirit is our greatest strength. As president of SEIU Local 1000, I’ll focus our collective energy on our development as a local and as leaders in your own right through: Collaboration; Communication; Creativity; Respect; Trust; Results. Together, we can lead this union through its next chapter. Vote for Irene Green.

Christina “CC” Calugcugan

Full Name: Christina “CC” Calugcugan
Nominee Position: SEIU Local 1000 President
Contact info: christina.seiu1000@gmail.com or Cell: (818) 919-3770
My name is Christina Calugcugan aka “CC”! I have been an EDD employee for 15 years and lately, I have not been happy with the direction our union has been moving in. Our voices are no longer being heard. We must ignite our members to take action. We need fresh and innovative ideas with inspiring out of the box thinking and together, it can be done. We must demand the State’s respect and stop letting them walk all over us! The time is NOW! We can no longer sit quietly. We must stand up and fight! Vote CC for President!

SEIU 1000 Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer

David Jimenez

Full Name: David Jimenez
Nominee Position: Local 1000 Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer
Contact info: L1000solidarity@gmail.com or Cell: 951-532-2231
As VP-Secretary/Treasurer, I diligently worked to ensure our union is solvent by taking measures that saved us millions, protected our reserve, while prioritizing our members’ needs. As the State continues to try solving budget problems through us (return-to-office orders, telework stipend, etc.), we must have trained leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge and hold it accountable. I have the experience and fortitude to fight for us. When elected, my priorities are keeping us solvent; investing in our leaders (training/leadership development); and providing tools/resources for stewards to organize/represent while increasing membership and mobilizing members into action.

Danielle “Storey” Fiore

Full Name: Danielle “Storey” Fiore
Nominee Position: Local 1000 Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer
Contact info: daniellestorey4vp@gmail.com
I work at CDE and come to SEIU 1000 with proven, strong union leadership skills. I am running for VP/Secretary/Treasurer to share my knowledge and experience in order achieve the 4 pillars of the Members 4 Members 2024 campaign; to build a more aggressive union that supports representation that demands respect for members, build/engage membership through education, to empower members to respond swiftly to workplace bullying by the state, to protect pensions, strengthen healthcare, improve wages and working conditions.  Vote for strength, a more aggressive union, vote Danielle Storey Fiore VP/Secretary/Treasurer, William “Bill” Hall President, and Members 4 Members 2024.